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Music And Guitar Practice Plans

I’m doing a multiple pronged attack for creating music and getting my guitar skills back. I’m going to learn songs from the Van Halen1 album and King’s X2 self titled albums. Not sure how I’m going to deal with the strange King’s X tunings. Al least Van Halen should be E-flat. I’ll be doing general exercises as well. I have “The Guitar Grimoire” exercise books3. I have a couple of other books, but will try and get through these first.CONTINUE

Amplifiers & Other Hardware

Different musical amplifiers and hardware I’ve owned over the years. Includes guitar effects pedals, effect processors and amp simulators. Amplifiers Marshal Valvestate 8100 Marshall JCM 800 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 Combo Peavey JSX Mini Colossal Panama Guitars Shaman 20W Mesa Boogie Mark Five Soldano SLO-30 Super Lead Overdrive Hardware Front Pedal Board (front of amp) Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS808 Morley Bad Horsie Digitech Whammy Xotic USA SP Compressor TC Electronics Sentry Custom made germanium fuzz pedal Back Pedal Board (amp effects loop) Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Boss CH-1 SUPER Chorus Boss BF-2 Flanger Boss DS-1 Distortion (modified) Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Boss RC-30 Dual Track Looper/Loop Station VOX Time Machine VOX Satchurator HeadRush Pedalboard Effect Processor Neural DSP Quad Cortex


This section is about music stuff. Articles about guitars, keyboards, and music production.

Upgraded my Fender Strat with Fishman Fluence pickups

Just upgraded my Strat with Fishman Fluence single space pickups. I wanted a no-hum pickup that still sounds like single-coils. I really liked the Fishmans I installed in the CT6M and bought a Strat kit. Here’s the result: I also upgraded the tuners to Fender staggered locking tuners. I also replaced the bridged with a Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo. Everything together has been amazing.

Got the mother of all amplifiers

I got a new amplifier. I wasn’t expecting it this quickly but Dan at Sweetwater gave me a call and they managed to get it sooner than expected. I present to you the Soldano SLO-30… And yes, it sounds like all the good parts of every other amp people praise. I’ve heard the original SLO-100 in person and its exactly like a small version. Soldano amps are like all the good parts of legendary hi-gain American amps in one unit.CONTINUE

Upgraded the Carvin CT6M with Fishman Fluence Pickups

I upgraded my Carvin CT6M with some Fishman Fluence modern humbucker blacks. The original pickups where the Kiesel/Carvin Allan Holdsworth HH2 model. The new Fluences are the modern ceramic for the bridge and alnico for the neck. The bridge sound like a typical modern high-output humbucker. The alnico one sounds really interesting and very vocal. I enabled the second voicing using the push-pull tone knob. The volume push-pull controlls the coil-spit which enables the out-side cores on each pickup as single-coils.CONTINUE

Currently Listening: LORN

I’ve been listening to LORN for a long time now and this guys is the best electronic music composer right now. I’m currently have his newest dual-track release GUARDIAN in my play loop right now. The tracks are great. If your interested in electronic music, I think this is referred to as “IDM” music. If you like this kind of music, go check him out!

Kiesel Vader V6 Pickup Upgrade

I upgraded the pickups in my Kiesel Vader V6. Originally it had the stock Lithium pickups. I switched them out for a set of Dimarzio Evolution pickups. They are a set of the bridge and neck six string pickups. These are the same as the ones on my Jem, but with out the single coil. I was told by a tech from Kiesel said the Lithiums had the same wire polarity as Dimarzio.CONTINUE


Here are pictures of the guitars I’ve owned.

Currently Listening: Bathory – Bathory

4/5 – Interesting to hear this again. It’s been a while.

Currently Listening: Gojira – Magma

4/5 – Great guitar without the DJENT.

Currently Listening: Veil of Maya – False Idol

3/5 – Not bad, some of the tracks have some pretty good hooks. The non-cookiemonster vocals are great.