Got the mother of all amplifiers


I got a new amplifier. I wasn’t expecting it this quickly but Dan at Sweetwater gave me a call and they managed to get it sooner than expected.

I present to you the Soldano SLO-30…

[Soldano SLO-30]

And yes, it sounds like all the good parts of every other amp people praise. I’ve heard the original SLO-100 in person and its exactly like a small version. Soldano amps are like all the good parts of legendary hi-gain American amps in one unit. The cleans are amazingly clean and the there’s more than enough gain for whatever kind of heavy music styles you want to play.

Now I’m trying to find some JBL D120F speakers. I wonder if there’s another manufacturer that makes a modern version of the JBLs.

Tags: guitar music

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