Music And Guitar Practice Plans


I’m doing a multiple pronged attack for creating music and getting my guitar skills back. I’m going to learn songs from the Van Halen1 album and King’s X2 self titled albums. Not sure how I’m going to deal with the strange King’s X tunings. Al least Van Halen should be E-flat.

I’ll be doing general exercises as well. I have “The Guitar Grimoire” exercise books3. I have a couple of other books, but will try and get through these first. Not 100% sure what tact to use but will initially go through each exercise at a fixed pace. Starting at the highest speed I can go without making a mistake. Each 3-4 days I’ll try and increase the speed a few BPM.

I bought the TAB books Van Halen and King’s X but for anyone who needs TABS for learning songs, check out Songsterr. They have the TABs as well as playback and usually backing tracks.

I have a couple of music theory books. I’m going to go back and read through them and do some exercises. This is mostly for ear training. I’ve notices that I’ve lost a bit in the area of tracking intervals well.

Each day I’ll do 45 minutes to an hour of song and exercise each per day. Then I’ll read up on theory for a half to 1 hour. The theory part could include so audio practice, but won’t effect how long I go. I think this will be the hardest part since I’m not really sure how I got ear training done back in the day. Mostly I just listened to music and played along. Practicing songs also helped. But this time it’s going to be more systematic.

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