Kiesel Vader V6 Pickup Upgrade


I upgraded the pickups in my Kiesel Vader V6. Originally it had the stock Lithium pickups. I switched them out for a set of Dimarzio Evolution pickups. They are a set of the bridge and neck six string pickups. These are the same as the ones on my Jem, but with out the single coil. I was told by a tech from Kiesel said the Lithiums had the same wire polarity as Dimarzio. When I hooked them up that way, the output power was really low. I search around for what the actual wire colors online for Kiesel pickups and found details for Carvin’s wiring, which had the same colors as the Lithiums. Compared those to the Dimarzio colors. They were different. After I wired them up based on that, the power was back to what I expect from Dimarzio. They sound great now.

Vader with Evos

Tags: guitar music

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