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Managing Projects and Tools Update

I’ve really been concentrating on learning Emacs in the SpacEmacs flavor. I’m not using it in vi mode. I’m liking it at this point. Now I need to commit to some kind of task and project management system. I’m tempted to use ClickUp but having only a web interface for the desktop might be too limited. I’m going to look for something that might be available for Emacs that could save to my cloud storage.CONTINUE

Current Development Setup

I’ve completely updated my software development platform. In some respect I’m trying to make it as portable as possible so I can develop on a remote machine through SSH. I’m maintaining my web site using Hugo. I now use SpacEmacs to do all of the coding for that. I need to re-learn all the emacs semantics. I’ve changed to using a laptop as my primary hardware. It has a docking station with a 4K monitor attached.CONTINUE

Using the Massdrop CTRL Keyboard

I’m currently using the Massdrop CTRL keyboard with Halo True switches. I installed the Massdrop x MiTo XDA Canvas Custom keycap set with the wolfgang alphas. The keyboard is great and once you figure out how to program the firmware and flash it, there are a bunch of options and RGB LED settings you can use. I don’t usually care about the LED thing, but I did put in a couple of patterns that pulse red like KITT from Knightrider.CONTINUE

Keyboard Test: The KDB75

Installed the Hako True switches and MiTo canvas keycaps on this keyboard. Still getting used to it.

New keyboards to test

Got some other keyboards I’m going to be checking out. The Vortex Race 3: I really like this and will probably be my backup/QWERTY keyboard. The Input Club K-Type: With Halo True switches, which I really wanted to try out. Like them so much I got in on the stand-alone switch group buy. The back light is preposterously bright.

Currently testing the Ergodox Infinity

This is my current daily driver keyboard. I’m still learning where the keys are with the new layout. Typing speed has gone up, but I find I’m overlapping keypresses and getting letters out of order. So I need to pace my typing. I have two of them, one for home (which is backlit) and office. My home unit has different keycaps for each half. The right one has custom DSA sublimated caps.CONTINUE

Behold! The Apple a1048 Keyboard

I’m trying this thing: If it works out, I might try and convert the keycaps to cherry MX to put in one of my mechanical keyboards. Its got membrane dome switches and it already seems harder to type with. Its better than the chiclet Apple keyboards though.