Managing Projects and Tools Update


I’ve really been concentrating on learning Emacs in the SpacEmacs flavor. I’m not using it in vi mode. I’m liking it at this point. Now I need to commit to some kind of task and project management system. I’m tempted to use ClickUp but having only a web interface for the desktop might be too limited. I’m going to look for something that might be available for Emacs that could save to my cloud storage.

Going to be putting my management service project for the social app cluster I was working on. I’m migrating things to the project management software Gradle since that’s the new favorite everyone is using. Also a lot of Java dependencies need to be upgraded. Always a pain doing that, so I try and use as many of the stock Java libraries. I’m not a big user of the integrated application server packages like SpringBoot, etc.

Everything’s going to go up onto GitHub. Gotta justify that “Pro” account and create a “portfolio” that everyone expects now.

Tags: development battle-station

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