Current Development Setup


I’ve completely updated my software development platform. In some respect I’m trying to make it as portable as possible so I can develop on a remote machine through SSH. I’m maintaining my web site using Hugo. I now use SpacEmacs to do all of the coding for that. I need to re-learn all the emacs semantics.

I’ve changed to using a laptop as my primary hardware. It has a docking station with a 4K monitor attached. Since I do some audio and video processing, I converted my big Thunderbolt 2 hard drive storage system to Thunderbolt 3 enclosures with SSDs. Things are working well. The laptop does get hotter than my original workstation.

I’ve settled on on the Alpaca Keyboards Ergodox 76 Hot Dox keyboard and Logitech MX Ergo trackball.

Previously I used IntelliJ IDEA as my editor/IDE, and I still own it and have it installed, but I want to move back to using software that’s openly available and works the same on all platforms. So I’m moving back to trying GNU tools and Emacs as an IDE.

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