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Music And Guitar Practice Plans

I’m doing a multiple pronged attack for creating music and getting my guitar skills back. I’m going to learn songs from the Van Halen1 album and King’s X2 self titled albums. Not sure how I’m going to deal with the strange King’s X tunings. Al least Van Halen should be E-flat. I’ll be doing general exercises as well. I have “The Guitar Grimoire” exercise books3. I have a couple of other books, but will try and get through these first.CONTINUE

Project Updates & Staying Focused

Redirections I’m gonna start some projects on my own while I’m on hiatus from work. This is in part to figure out what I really want to do as well as try an find some life focus. Its really missing in my head at this point. Seems like I feel like I’m mostly just being dragged around. So in an effort to figure out what’s really happening, I’m going to give a bit of a push and see what happens.CONTINUE

2023 Update

So a bunch of updates for this year. I haven’t posted anything here for a very long time. I sold most of my guitars. I only kept the ones I actually play and have sentimental value. Been going through my camping equipment. Inventorying and fixing things. Gave a bunch of clothes away. Fixed my trailer, so I can start hauling away yard refuse. Ongoing upgrades to the Wrangler. Got rid of my Linode server.CONTINUE

Research in the Humanities vs the Sciences

The major difference between research done in the sciences and humanities is the kind of information being referenced and how an assertion’s veracity is measured. This is more obvious in the “hard” sciences associated with STEM degrees than in the “soft” disciplines. In the humanities, research is done to construct a consensus on the subject and assertion of the thesis. The veracity of a thesis is the degree and authority of references supporting it.CONTINUE

About the Humanities and Other Controls

I’m taking another humanities course. Its a little bizarre. The humanities and the academic system that’s grown up around it really seems to be a consensus machine. The people involved are systemizing how art and history is interpreted. I’m not sure its really not just propaganda designed to manipulate people’s opinions and values. There’s an overt demand for you to justify your opinion by explaining how it relates to your personal experience.CONTINUE

Update After a Hiatus

I’ve been on hiatus for a while. Mostly because I lost the newest version of the source code for my site. I figured out where it was so I can update stuff without loosing the stuff currently on the page. During that interval a bunch of things happened that also stopped me from updating my page. Things should be coming at regular intervals now. Not sure I have a lot to say but I’m going to try and keep writing things.CONTINUE

The New Look

Just updated things to a new look. I’m using the Hugo web site building framework. The template is custom. I like it looking like a terminal. Also it looks good in elinks. I realize most people don’t use a console based browser, but I like the idea. If you can be readable on a console then I figure its effective at presenting content. I don’t plan on putting a log of visual content on here when there are better free platforms for that.CONTINUE

Duane S. Bone - Curriculum Vitae

Experience Lead Software Engineer, Vistaprint (Cimpress) — 2015-2022 As a lead software engineer for Vistaprint’s online services group, I work as a software and infrastructure engineer. As an infrastructure engineer, I work on Kubernetes-based AWS online services, designing and deploying Kubernetes clusters and associated AWS resources (S3, PostgreSQL/Aurora database, CloudFront, load balances). I worked on implementing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) using GitLab and GitHub/Jenkins/Spinnaker with our AWS platform. As a software engineer, I design and develop application services and APIs using Java and NodeJS and NodeJS based web clients and micro-frontends.CONTINUE


Experience Lead Software and Infrastructure, Vistaprint (Cimpress) — 2015-2022 Q/A Automation Software Engineer, Verizon — 2014-2015 Principle Systems Engineer, Dell Inc — 2010-2014 Senior System Administrator, IDG Enterprise Inc — 2008-2010 Senior UNIX Administrator, SupplyScape Inc — 2007-2008 Technical Support Engineer, Egenera Inc — 2006-2007 Lead Systems Engineer, MTM Technologies Inc — 2004-2006 Infrastructure Engineer 3, Bank of America — 2002-2004 Systems Manager, Cornerstone Brands Inc — 2000-2001 Senior Software Engineer (Site Accelerator Project), Genuity Inc — 2000-2000 Senior Systems Engineer, Lucent Technologies Inc — 1998-2000 Education Southern New Hampshire University (Computer Science) Northeastern University (Computer Science) Boston Latin School VMware Virtual Infrastructure with ESX Server and Virtual Center ITIL IT Service Management BroadVision System Administration for Enterprise Veritas Volume Manager (w/RAID-5 and VxFS) NetBackup Administrator Training Sun Workgroup Product Training Sun Enterprise Product Training Sun EU-118: Solaris for Advanced User Sun SA-135: Solaris System Administration I Sun SA-285: Solaris System Administration II Sun Sun StorEdge 3000 Series Array Installation and Administration HP Interoperability Technical Training HP UNIX and NT Integration Workshop HP Net Server and Vectra Technical Training Curriculum Vitae – Opens in ultra-clean mode for printing!CONTINUE

So why is this site here anyhow?…

I got this domain, so I figured I should be using it for something. Most of the time I think I’ll be posting article sized commentary and activity updates. Music commentary and stuff about any music related projects I do. I’m going to be trying to create open source and public software projects and will put project status and maybe some commentary on how they are going. At some point it became apparent that most of the work I do, even on “open-source” projects are hidden behind a corporate wall.CONTINUE