Project Updates & Staying Focused

Updates on projects I'm going to start and ideas I'm going to try to stay focused.



I’m gonna start some projects on my own while I’m on hiatus from work. This is in part to figure out what I really want to do as well as try an find some life focus. Its really missing in my head at this point. Seems like I feel like I’m mostly just being dragged around. So in an effort to figure out what’s really happening, I’m going to give a bit of a push and see what happens.

This stuff would be professional and personal project. Probably some kind of software project. Maybe even more. Then some creative ideas or personal improvement. Not least of which is to do guitar stuff and learning some audio recording and production tools.

Hugo/Website Updates

Blog posts should be regular. Hopefully I’ll be able to be consistent with this. Updates like this should be tags with “irl” and appear on that tag page.

As it stands I’ve learned a lot about the Hugo static web site build software. However my site will still continue to look like hot techno garbage, because that’s how I like it. I’m still figuring out which mono font I want to use. I’ve started using Hugo’s front matter content management scheme. So when I’m motivated I can write a bunch of stuff and set it up to have a publish date.

Damaged Brain

It appears that stress does cause damage to the brain. It seems like there’s just background white-noise or TV snow or something. Not even sure if I can get anything like voluntary focus. Things are all over the place. So I figure just making a plan and tasks etc might help. But this just proves being in a hostile state for long enough will effect your head.

Lack of Motivation

I guess the overall side effect of everything is just a massive lack of motivation. So I hope I can get some habits going so I don’t really have to worry about “getting motivated”. It doesn’t matter if I get motivated, I just need to do things and get it over with.


Here’s the things I will be working on. Will break then down into tasks etc and start working through them. We’ll see how much I can do.

  • Jeep Wrandler modifications
  • Finishing re-sealing my 4-season tent
  • Looking over the Audi S4
  • Sort through the shipping blankets
  • Create a reading schedule (update the reading page format)
  • Create a guitar practice schedule
  • Start the design phase for software project

Some of these things might have some separate pages with pictures. I might use tags or categories to automatically collect posts about each category as apposed to a specific case.

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