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Taligent and The Software Golden Fleece

I’ve always been fascinated by the software project Taligent created in the ’80s or early ’90s. It was started by IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Apple and the idea was to create an operating system foundation that all these platforms could use. Also immediately Microsoft exited the project, leaving only IBM, HP, and Apple. Many years ago I read a copy of the project documentation set in a book store chain I worked at.CONTINUE

Managing Projects and Tools Update

I’ve really been concentrating on learning Emacs in the SpacEmacs flavor. I’m not using it in vi mode. I’m liking it at this point. Now I need to commit to some kind of task and project management system. I’m tempted to use ClickUp but having only a web interface for the desktop might be too limited. I’m going to look for something that might be available for Emacs that could save to my cloud storage.CONTINUE

Current Development Setup

I’ve completely updated my software development platform. In some respect I’m trying to make it as portable as possible so I can develop on a remote machine through SSH. I’m maintaining my web site using Hugo. I now use SpacEmacs to do all of the coding for that. I need to re-learn all the emacs semantics. I’ve changed to using a laptop as my primary hardware. It has a docking station with a 4K monitor attached.CONTINUE