New (kinda) Jeep Wrangler


I bought another Jeep Wrangle. It’s been a while since I got it, but I haven’t put anything about it here. It’s a Gobi desert color Wrangler Rubicon. I used to have a 2-door forest green Wrangle. It was great, and I traded it in for the new Cherokee, almost immediately regretted it. The Cherokee had all the bells and whistles.

[Gobi Wrangler]

I like the new one as soon as I sat in it. I got a 2017 new model in 2019 or something. It was great that I found it. It was sitting in my local dealership showroom. I’m not sure why no one bought it. There was a sign on it for a different model, but I noticed it, and it’s a great color. I’ve already made modifications to it. I got bigger wheels and tires. I installed the HardRock anniversary bumpers. Did some updates to the interior. I purchased a 12000lbs winch with all the stuff I need to add it to the electrical system. I also got several things to install into the rear to provide power/charging back in the cargo area. Installed cargo and under-seat “saddle bags.” I put in some grab bars, a fire extinguisher, and a massive starter battery.

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