Currently Listening: LORN 63b7582
I’ve been listening to LORN for a long time now and this guys is the best electronic music composer right now. I’m currently have his newest dual-track release GUARDIAN in my play loop right now. The tracks are great. If your interested in electronic music, I think this is referred to as “IDM” music. If you like this kind of music, go check him out!
Taligent and The Software Golden Fleece 63b7582
I’ve always been fascinated by the software project Taligent created in the ’80s or early ’90s. It was started by IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Apple and the idea was to create an operating system foundation that all these platforms could use. Also immediately Microsoft exited the project, leaving only IBM, HP, and Apple. Many years ago I read a copy of the project documentation set in a book store chain I worked at.READ
About the Humanities and Other Controls 63b7582
I’m taking another humanities course. Its a little bizarre. The humanities and the academic system that’s grown up around it really seems to be a consensus machine. The people involved are systemizing how art and history is interpreted. I’m not sure its really not just propaganda designed to manipulate people’s opinions and values. There’s an overt demand for you to justify your opinion by explaining how it relates to your personal experience.READ
Managing Projects and Tools Update 63b7582
I’ve really been concentrating on learning Emacs in the SpacEmacs flavor. I’m not using it in vi mode. I’m liking it at this point. Now I need to commit to some kind of task and project management system. I’m tempted to use ClickUp but having only a web interface for the desktop might be too limited. I’m going to look for something that might be available for Emacs that could save to my cloud storage.READ
Current Development Setup 63b7582
I’ve completely updated my software development platform. In some respect I’m trying to make it as portable as possible so I can develop on a remote machine through SSH. I’m maintaining my web site using Hugo. I now use SpacEmacs to do all of the coding for that. I need to re-learn all the emacs semantics. I’ve changed to using a laptop as my primary hardware. It has a docking station with a 4K monitor attached.READ
Update After a Hiatus 63b7582
I’ve been on hiatus for a while. Mostly because I lost the newest version of the source code for my site. I figured out where it was so I can update stuff without loosing the stuff currently on the page. During that interval a bunch of things happened that also stopped me from updating my page. Things should be coming at regular intervals now. Not sure I have a lot to say but I’m going to try and keep writing things.READ
Kiesel Vader V6 Pickup Upgrade c27a811
I upgraded the pickups in my Kiesel Vader V6. Originally it had the stock Lithium pickups. I switched them out for a set of Dimarzio Evolution pickups. They are a set of the bridge and neck six string pickups. These are the same as the ones on my Jem, but with out the single coil. I was told by a tech from Kiesel said the Lithiums had the same wire polarity as Dimarzio.READ
Using the Massdrop CTRL Keyboard 63b7582
I’m currently using the Massdrop CTRL keyboard with Halo True switches. I installed the Massdrop x MiTo XDA Canvas Custom keycap set with the wolfgang alphas. The keyboard is great and once you figure out how to program the firmware and flash it, there are a bunch of options and RGB LED settings you can use. I don’t usually care about the LED thing, but I did put in a couple of patterns that pulse red like KITT from Knightrider.READ