Camping stuff

I’m going to add pages here for camping info. They’ll mosting be instructions pages or reviews. Maybe connections to YouTube stuff if I start working on that.

Camping Equipment

Here are some of the stuff I take when camping. I didn’t break them out on camping type and weather. So things like 3 and 4 season tents and backpacking or drive-up load-outs aren’t separated out. I’ll try and make a note if something is really only for one type of camping. These lists will get updated as I get the time to look up links for where to buy the items I have. CONTINUE>>

Re-waterproofing Tent

This is just an article about how I re-waterproofed my Trango 2 tent. Required Stuff Gear Aid Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive for Tents and Outdoor Fabric, Clear, 1 oz 9 Pack 12ml/cc Dental Syringe with Curved Tip & Measurement